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With COVID, Will Movie Theaters Survive?

With the COVID pandemic killing more and more people every day, a lot of questions remain. One of those being, will we ever get to see the big hit films on the big screen?

A lot of films such as the new James Bond, have been delayed due to this world wide crisis. Our health is very important, and while I 100% agree with that, I can’t help but wonder, how are cinema’s going to come out of the pandemic?

As of now, movie theaters have shut down to prevent COVID from spreading. But I think that what might have once been a sunday afternoon treat, may soon cease to exist.

Movie theaters have to pay rent to keep the space they operate in serviceable condition, but with no one going and paying to see a movie, cinema operators might have to slowly shut down, one after another.

Now, there is some good news as well, while you might not be able to go to the big screen to watch No Time To Die and Mission Impossible you may get the chance to watch them without leaving the comfort of your sofa. Steaming services such as Netflix and Prime could buy the rights to the films and you could watch them from your family TV!

While I myself am a bit upset I won’t see 007 on the big screen I completely understand why. It’s to keep all of us safe. So what do you think about all of this? What do you think of watching movies at home versus in the theater? Comment down below!!!

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