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Why Russia Doesn't Have The Biggest Population

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

To most people this seems obvious, It’s because Russia is a cold place, like Canada. But it's actually much more complicated like that, just like every other thing in history. A while back in 1914, Russia had a population of 166 million people, which is bigger than its population today, which is now 144 million people as of 2019. This is because in World War 2, the Soviet Union, which was Russia at the time, was betrayed by Germany in the war. They had signed a Nonaggression Pact called the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. A Nonaggression pact is an agreement where the people who signed the pact cannot invade each other. But we are talking about Adolf Hitler, and he doesn’t play by the rules. Hitler launched the largest ground invasion of the earth, and his tanks called Panzer’s were in sight of the key city Stalingrad. This was important because the leader at the time was Josef Stalin, and if he lost a city he named after himself, his morale would drop tremendously. Stalin sent wave after wave of people, who were sent in with either a gun with no bullets, or a bullet with no gun. Then if someone with a gun dies then they would take their bullet, put it in the dead person’s gun and shoot attempting to kill the Nazis. If they tried to retreat they would be shot by their own officers. People say that the Russians were the good guys who fought for the Allies, but they only did it because they were betrayed, and yet they were still doing terrible things, but not as bad as the Nazis, so they weren’t seen as the bad guys. Russia lost millions of people in the war and because of that now we are seeing a ripple effect because the people who died in the war didn’t get married and have children, which causes Russia to lose population, not allowing them to grow. It is a vicious cycle that mother Russia will take centuries to recover from.

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