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I miss reading real books!

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Since Covid started, my local library has been closed, and that means that the only way that I can read books is online on my ipad, unless I end up buying books which my parents won’t be too happy about because I read at least a book a week and we are running out of space.

What I have found is that I already spend 4 or 5 hours a day on my iPad for classes, and then another hour for playing games. And now I spend another hour or 2 a day to read my books. So in essence I spend my whole day in front of my iPad. And at times I feel that my brain is melting.

There is of course an educational aspect to reading, and my parents are much more happy seeing me read than play Fortnite or watch Youtube videos, but the point here is that it becomes kind of monotonous, and I miss the real books with real pages that you have to turn. There is something about printed books that you can’t replicate online. The smell of the book, the ability to go back to any page in just a second, and the satisfaction to put the book down and check how many pages I just read.

Now I hope that my library opens again soon and I can go wonder around and check the latest with my librarian.

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