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Enough of social media

I don’t know about you, but I have never been much of a social media addicted kind of guy. I see some of my friends and adults spending a ridiculous amount of their time on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other similar sites, but when I take a look at the type of content, it feels to me that there is nothing really interesting that I can learn from these places.

There is only so much amusement one can have in watching videos of someone singing horribly, or falling down the stairs, or checking what a neighbor ate last night, or their latest pictures of holidays in Tahoe. Usually people boast about their life, they exaggerate what they write about, and they only show the better part of a story. On the receiving end people feel jealous, they think that their life might not be as good, and so in response they try to also exaggerate what they do, like everybody else. So at the end we might be looking at a very artificial world, very far from reality.

But then the question is how do you spend time online if it is not by playing games or flipping through social media sites? Where do you spend time to learn and engage in topics that matter? This is the reason why this Kidonomist idea emerged to me. Some might say it is also a social network, and it is true that the audience is very much focused on kids (say 10 to 16 years old) who have similar interests. But the idea is to learn, to engage, to share ideas, to share passions, to get other excited, ... and that is harder to find online.

I hope you also write about your passions and your interests, that you ask questions, that you provide answers, that you contribute. Each of us if very good at something, whatever it is, and it is worth sharing that with our world, for real.

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