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Our story

Kidonomist was created by kids just like you who wanted to have access to useful and relevant information.  You see, most online content is written by adults who don't really speak kids language and who might have a very different perspective on things that matter to us kids.

Whether it is a review on the latest release of your favorite video game or a blockbuster movie, or how to write a rap song or a good essay, an analysis on your favorite sports team, some tips on algebra, or where to go on holiday with your family for a long break... Kidonomist is a reliable source of what matters in your world.

So if you know something or if you are passionate about a topic, let us know and write about it, add a picture or a video, and we will publish it for you.  Anyone will then be able to add comments to your story.

All we ask is that you write with passion, that you respect everyone and that you use appropriate language.

Go kids!

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